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Building Homes


Have a unique craft or something you want to contribute to the church family? 

Sign up for a Go Team to serve in various outreach projects throughout the community


Various times throughout the year, families in our community go through the things that need a team of people who are there, ready and willing to lend a hand.  Sometimes this requires a special skill or tools needed for the job at hand; that’s where GO TEAMS go in effect!  Last year, a Tornado hit a community a few miles from our church home.  A few of our team went out with chainsaws, pick up trucks, and a few other items and got to work to help out.  We help single moms and widows or the elderly, who might need some painting or some work done around the house.  We assist other organizations with community work when called upon... in short: wherever we are needed- if we have the tools and man (or woman) power,

we are there!  


Simply fill out the form below and check the Go Teams that you would like to be a part of.  When the need arises, you will be called on by the Go Team leader for your specified area of expertise.  We look forward to serving many families in the community with you soon!  

Volunteer Team
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